Around our house the nature is fascinating.

During the different seasons a lot can be discovered


A bird's view of our house in the nature.


A front view

And a view over the fishpond.

Wintertime results in a beautiful landscape


A lot of different  animals are living in our little forest, here are a few.


 The buzzard caught a pigeon in the front of our house.

The kingfisher frequently visits the fishpond

 I recently made a better picture of this beatiful bird. ( okt-2011 )

But he is not the only one fishing in our pond!

 hi there !


And when the Sparrowhawk (sperwer) has offspring the preservation group for the birds of pray measures and marks the youngsters with a ring around their leg and we , proud "parents", may pose with them for a picture.

 Then they are put back on the nest.


We have  new visitors since summer 2011.

they are very shy and extremely difficult to approach.

It took me many months of waiting until they came out of the bush and showed theirselves.

I made this pictures in jan-2012

 For most pictures  I use a Canon EF100-400mm L IS ultrasonic lens  and a 7D body .

 He knows I'm there behind a tree 60 meters away !


  They become less shy and in the morning they visit our front garden and....



  they like our plants !




 Sometimes the dog comes home with something he had better left alone.

 Then we have to feed it until it is grown up and put it back in nature.

Sometimes a bird falls out the nest


we feed it and protect him from the birds of pray .

He likes catfood the best!




If you talk nice to him or her he makes a show with his feathers and makes soft sounds.

Beautiful insects live near the fishpound