ESCORT PAGER ( semafoon )

This is the first pager ever in the Netherlands introduced in 1964.

It is fully transistorized with germanium transistors type OC71, OC74 for analog and digital ( flipflop) circuitry and OC171  for the RF circuits ( 87MHz).

It's weight is app. 4,5 kilograms  and is concidered a portable equipment for medical docters, fire brigade etc.

This pager was able to display 3 bits presented by 3 lamps which are assigned the binary values 1,2 and 4.

The user had to calculate the sum of the values of the lit lapmps after a call was received.

The code ( 1 ...7) presented a pre defined message, normally a phone number he had to call to get the " real" message !

Here a picture of the complete set, the 3 " binairy" lamps are visible on the front .

the aerial is missing.


Bottom view of pager

Top view.

this receiver must have been very expensive, a lot of work by skilled people to assemble this

overcrowded boards.

Here 2 views of the double sided "PCB's" 100% hand-assembled & wired !


The receiver section with OC171 germanium transistors